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From Paris To 


The "From Paris to Berlin" cover remix performed by Q4RA combines the energy and unique texture of the original song with a modern approach. The musical journey from Paris to Berlin comes to life again with Q4RA's original interpretation and remix touches. The impressive rhythms of electronic music meet the powerful performance of the vocals, offering the listeners an unforgettable experience. While this remix preserves the tone of the original song, it also attracts attention by offering a different perspective to the listener. Q4RA's musical talent and creativity shine once again with this cover remix, offering listeners an immersive musical adventure.

About Us

Hi! I'm Q4RA, a musical artist, music producer and sound engineer. Music is not just a job for me, but also a passion and lifestyle. I was born in Konya, Turkey, in 1998, and my interest in music dates back to childhood. With my first musical experiences...


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