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About Us

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About Us

Hi! I'm Q4RA, a musical artist, music producer and sound engineer. Music is not just a job for me, but also a passion and lifestyle. I was born in Konya, Turkey, in 1998, and my interest in music dates back to childhood. With my first musical experiences, I began to explore my own musical world and have since worked in many different genres and projects. I started my professional career in audio engineering and production in 2017. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with many talented artists and groups. In each project, I aimed to create a sound universe that fit their musical vision and worked with the artists to turn the music into a story. For me, music is a language beyond a form of expression. Every note, every chord and every instrument has a story, and I aim to tell these stories to the listeners in the best way possible. You will find my musical evolution and various experiences in the music I share on Spotify. I aim to offer my listeners a musical adventure by combining emotion, energy and creativity in my works of various genres. Are you ready to take a journey into the magical world of sound? I invite you to meet my music and move forward together. Thank you and I appreciate you joining this musical journey with me. Best regards, Q4RA

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Protocol-M Records USA

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